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MetaGer via Tor hidden service (English version)

Post by WoSaBeu » Wed 14. Dec 2016, 09:32

MetaGer anonymizes the Internet addresses of the users and do not saved them since many years. Nevertheless: if an attacker would have hacked MetaGer, this attacker can read your addresses and data and store them on his own servers. MetaGer is in the certainly best possible hacker-secured environment, but a 100% security against hackers - be it NSA state hackers or others - is nowhere. This is why we have implemented an additional approach to MetaGer, which, according to the current state of knowledge, provides the highest security level at which your data are even not visible on the MetaGer server:

This is the MetaGer-TOR-hidden service - accessible via:

Without branching into difficult details, here is a short guide on how to use MetaGer via this service (just click on the link above is not enough!):

1) Go to the website of the TOR project: and click on "Download Tor".
2) Install the "Tor Browser" on your PC. This is easy, it does not need to be compiled / configured, etc. This browser is a customized instance of Firefox.
3) Enter the address in this gate browser
4) Then click on: "Hidden-Service öffnen"

Then use MetaGer as anonymously as is possible, according to today's state of Internet technology. If you have installed and already opend the "Tor Browser", you can also directly access the MetaGer-TOR-hidden service: http://b7cxf4dkdsko6ah2.onion/tor/
If you want to know more about the TOR-hidden service,check: There is a good explanation.

In these times of Internet total surveillance, we should do what we can to make snooping more difficult - but at the very least "scatter sand into the snoopers eyes".

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Re: MetaGer via Tor hidden service (English version)

Post by Phil » Thu 5. Jan 2017, 08:40

I've moved the topic to our English board (and kept a link in place).

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