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[MetaGer] Source Code for Mobile

Posted: Sat 19. Aug 2017, 22:58
by phazon
Was curious if it were possible to obtain the complete source code for the Android mobile application? I searched a bit and was unable to find and am unsure if it is even available.

The applications are based upon already freely available upstream code-bases, but the down-stream modifications made for MetaGer integration do not appear to be readily available to end users (at least not within the GitLab instance). The MetaGer About page expresses a strong commitment to "open source", yet the developers of the mobile applications appear to not extend the same software freedoms to users of their software.

Binaries distributed through Google Play are subject and vulnerable to such attacks as NSA "IRRITANT HORN", NSA/Google surveillance, among others; while precompiled binaries distributed on the MetaGer apps page leave users vulnerable to attacks against--or even conducted by--the developers, or compromised MetaGer Web-servers. Individuals should be free to audit the code base, and to compile binaries on their own trusted machines without being reliant upon third parties.

I reiterate,
If source code is available: where may one obtain it?
If it is not available: please consider extending to users the same freedoms enjoyed by the developer. Additionally, making source code available under a free software license makes it possible to build and package binaries for the F-Droid repository of Free and open-source Android software.

Re: [MetaGer] Source Code for Mobile

Posted: Wed 30. Aug 2017, 07:20
by Phil
Hello phazon,

thank you for your feedback. We are indeed working on publishing the source for our mobile apps under a free license.
We wanted to do this much earlier; as we are a small team however, things took us longer than expected. (Licensing can be a complicated matter.)
I expect we will have a release ready within the next few weeks, but please don't pin me down to that.
As a free software supporter (and FSFE fellow) I really want this to happen as soon as possible.

Phil Höfer (SUMA-EV)

Re: [MetaGer] Source Code for Mobile

Posted: Wed 30. Aug 2017, 14:28
by phazon
Phil wrote: Licensing can be a complicated matter.
Indeed. =)

Upstream code-base for Suche is licensed Apache 2.0; meaning any license you wish to apply is acceptable – Including the (unfortunate) proprietary license currently in-use right now. Possible to license your changes under a different license as well – such as GPLv3, etc. The latter is what the LibreOffice team do with their fork of OpenOffice.
Phil wrote: I really want this to happen as soon as possible.
As do I; surely others must as well. SUMA-EV have made a commitment to transparency. This is not possible with opaque binaries; only access to source code (and the Four Freedoms) can assure that.